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SME Cambodia launches renewable energy company

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SME Cambodia and E + Co, a US non-profit renewable energy investment organization, have established a new Cambodian renewable energy company. The new venture,SME Renewable Energy Ltd., will promote renewable energy technologies and market biomass gasification power generation systems in Cambodia and throughout the Greater Mekong region. SME-RE Ltd. offers “turnkey” projects, including system design, project feasibility studies, project planning and project financing, to rural electricity producers, agro-business processing enterprises and manufacturers requiring stand alone thermal or electrical energy solutions. Primary markets include rice mills, cashew processing plants, ice factories and noodle factories. Other potential customers are companies that currently depend on high cost diesel and other petroleum fuels for thermal steam generation, ceramic kiln firing and grain drying.

Equipment offered currently includes biomass gasification equipment from 10 kW to 800 kW in capacity. These units utilize both wood and/or fine grain agriculture wastes for fuel. Electricity generation and distribution systems and captive power systems are custom designed to fit individual customer requirements. Cogeneration systems include rice husk gasification units that reduce diesel fuel consumption of rice mills and off-grid rural electricity generation systems by up to 75%.

In addition to its technical engineering capacity to design and install biomass gasification systems, the new company has recruited and trained staff with experience in the establishment of tropical short cycle rotation (SCR) tree crops (such as Leucaena, Gliricidia and Acacia) that are suitable to supply biomass for the gasification process. Advisory services to farmers and energy plantation development services are available to customers and investors interested in developing commercial biomass plantations and tree farms. Financing for periods up to 5 years will be offered to eligible “turnkey” project clients at competitive interest rates. Parties interested in implementing these technologies or investing in SME Renewable Energy Ltd itself, should contact:

Mr. Rin Seyha, Mr. Tony Knowles or Mr. Bruno Harmant at SME Renewable Energy Ltd.
House # FS4, Street 199, Tumnup Toek, Chamkar Morn, Phnom Penh, Cambodia,
Mobile: 012 834 197 / 099 611 716 / 012 858 180
Tel/Fax: (855-23) 217 927
E-mail: info@smerenewables.com,seyha@smerenewables.com
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